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take this to your grave

i'll take it to mine.

your only hero
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my name is shannon and i am eleven years old. ahaha, wait...i just turned twelve today {3/27/07}, so yeah. i'm twelve. *cough* and, apparently, extremely forgetful...but anyway, i love writing and reading. i'm almost always writing, whether it be in the form of poetry or just a story. i love reading and i hate going so long without reading. it's painful, haha. my favorite bands are cobra starship, panic! at the disco, cute is what we aim for, fall out boy, and taking back sunday. i have a crush on a guy named cole and i think you'll be seeing a lot of entries about him. my favorite subject of all is english and my least favorite is science. i'm a proud band student and i play the trumpet. :D if you wanna know more about me, ask.

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